A Possible Planet?

We’re in the processing of “re-branding” ourselves as Possible Planet (www.possibleplanet.org, of course). So what does this re-branding mean, and why are we doing it?

By “we” we mean here the Center for Regenerative Community Solutions, our 501(c)(3) umbrella entity under which we house a number of our own and others’ projects. These include not only global and local projects, but pretty much also every level in between. So not only are we concerned with what’s needed for “A Possible Planet” (the title of our forthcoming book), but we’re also working on Possible New Jersey (www.possiblenj.org) and Possible Bound Brook (www.possibleboundbrook.org) as examples of the application of what is really the paradigm-shifting model behind Possible Planet.

The central idea is essentially Bucky Fuller’s: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” We can begin building the world we want (instead of just trying to change the one we have). It’s regenerative rather than merely sustainable.

We have the ability, at any given moment, to start the world over. We can leave our dismal history behind, and start building, step by step, the ladder that will allow us to ascend into the light — the light of reason as well as that of the cosmic awareness that sustains the universe.

This is a radical departure from traditional ways of thinking, and there’s no doubt that some things will be left out of immediate consideration. But our view is that it is only by building a visibly better world can we solve some of today’s problems.

Collectively, we have a choice, or a series of choices, that take together determine the future for ourselves and for much of life on the planet. We either take control of the life-support systems of Spaceship Earth or we allow humanity to continue on a self-destructive, ecocidal course. For more on how we can do the former, visit us at PossiblePlanet.org — we’re all about finding practical and profitable solutions for people and planet.

This is, for us, fundamentally about human empowerment — empowering ourselves and others to create a world that works for all. That’s the “possibility” that we see lies ahead, not only for us, but for increasing numbers of us throughout the world.

— Victoria Zelin & Jonathan Cloud

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