An Opportunity to Invest in a New Economy

We make a difference in the world, by how we choose to invest our philanthropic dollars and/or investment funds.

We know that you know that we face planetary catastrophe if we don’t change the way our economy works today — we need to divest from those activities that are causing harm to the earth, and invest in ones that are restorative and regenerative. Whether you’re talking about large amounts, such as endowment funds of Ivy League universities, or the charitable donations you make at the end of the year, you know that moving from unsustainable practices to restorative and regenerative ones is what’s needed to reduce carbon in the atmosphere and put it back into the soil where it literally sustains life.

Our nonprofit, the Center for Regenerative Community Solutions (CRCS), is at the forefront of the effort to transform our economy into one that creates sustainable prosperity for everyone. Buckminster Fuller was amongst the first to recognize that we are technologically capable of producing a world that sustains everyone, and that gives us the opportunity to heal our planet, our psyche, and our civilization.

But right now our world is moving in the wrong direction. Globally, we are mired in conflict, struggling with resource constraints, and exceeding our planet’s capacities in multiple ways at virtually every level, in government, business, and our private lives. Individually, we seem powerless to do anything about it. But if not us, who?

Increasingly we are looking to local initiatives, to innovative business models, and to collaborative efforts to begin to turn the ship around. We’re involved with PACE in New Jersey, and with DREAM financing which may work everywhere in America and in many places in the world. We’re supporting the development and implementation of Global 4C, a complementary currency model for rewarding verifiable carbon mitigation and sequestration. And we’re part of a New Cooperative Movement, which seeks to provide collaborative vehicles for greater resilience in our communities and institutions. All of these are described in further detail at our web site and elsewhere.

donatenowbuttonYou can support this work, and become involved in a number of ways. Donations are fully tax-deductible. In-kind services and volunteering are welcome as well. And, in addition, we offer a number of vehicles for making targeted investments — in clean energy, cohousing, organic agriculture, health, and education. We invite you to contact us to discuss these opportunities.

And we’re asking for a piece of your year-end generosity. Contributions can be targeted to one of several projects, or given without strings attached, to be used for our general operations.

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