Make a Difference

Our 501c3 tax-exempt social enterprise, the Center for Regenerative Community Solutions (CRCS), has been working for nearly two years to develop our first initiative: the New Jersey PACE Program (NJPACE).

NJPACE arranges private sector financing for energy efficiency, renewable energy and resiliency in businesses and nonprofits. These investments would not be feasible without the game-changing mechanism that NJPACE provides. Beyond the significant benefits to property owners, our society benefits from reduced carbon pollution, hardened infrastructure, jobs and economic development.

We need your financial support to cover our costs until we officially launch and become self-funding in 2014. Your contribution will be used for startup costs such as community outreach and education, software development, contractor training, legal work, and other expenses.

This initiative represents the culmination of many years of work and “lessons learned.” As our Board member Matt Polsky writes, “it combines vision, innovation, practicality, experience and networking urgency, passion–and now needs the financial support from the community we’ve been building all these years.”

In these last days of charitable giving in 2013, please give generously to NJPACE / CRCS. Share this opportunity with friends and family. Be a leader. Take action to make NJ more sustainable.

CRCS has received its 501c3 status, in order to support the essential work of community education and engagement that’s part of transitioning to a more sustainable future. This means that we can offer you year-end tax receipts.

If you would like to make a financial contribution by PayPal or credit card, please click the button below.


Alternatively you can send us a check. Make it out to CRCS, and mail it to

Center for Regenerative Community Solutions
8 Revere Drive
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920

We also welcome your non-financial contribution as well. If you are interested in volunteering, sponsoring, or partnering with us, please contact us through this site or by email or phone:

Victoria Zelin 908-306-0272
Jonathan Cloud 908-396-6179